• Father's Day? L'ARIN! Because men care about their hair too

    The perfect Father's Day gift? The hair products from L'ARIN. Suitable for men's hair!
  • Hair breakage - Easy guide to effective remedies

    How to avoid hair breakage in the Summer?
  • Mother's Day? Pay tribute to your mum

    Do you know or are you a mum who deserves to be put in the limelight? With the L'ARIN competition, you have the chance to win 3 fantastic prizes. Enter quickly!
  • Hollywood hair in no time!

    Smooth hair without a straightener? Start with the basics: healthy and well nourished hair. Consider the straightener as a 'cheat meal' and go for smooth hair without it.
  • Seen in De Sabato: Mama's moons

    The secret of Rinata's - one of the business owners of L'ARIN - long, blonde hair? The herbal and plant mixes from mama Gulnara. And that is exactly what you will find in our products. Small glass bottles full of super power.
  • Your radiant hair and spring!

    ☀️Getting your hair ready for spring? 🌷 These 5 tips will get your hair ready for spring! 👩🦳 Do you also dream of radiant and healthy locks? Then read this blog quickly! PS: everyone who reads to the end will be rewarded with a cool bonus! 🤩
  • Also suffer from hairdressing eczema?

    Hairdresser's eczema? Many hairdressers suffer from it. With natural hair products you can often prevent hairdressing eczema.
  • Healthy hair growth secrets from L'ARIN

    We all are dreaming about long, strong and healthy hair. Have you ever wondered why someone can grow hair as long as Rapunzel has, and others just cannot? What you have to do to make your hair grow?
  • Love is in the air!

    Valentine & L'ARIN? Look each other in the eye, give a heartfelt hug, a warm kiss and a loving gift.
  • Keratin, what is that?

    Keratin, what is that and do you need it? We provide some more information.
  • Is Hollywood hair without too much effort also on your wish list?

    The ideal hair routine? It's not complex at all!
  • Green Friday versus Black Friday

    Green Friday is just around the corner! Green what? Well, our counterpart of Black Friday. Why consume on a massive scale and wave goodbye to discounts when this is at the cost of the world? We strongly believe in conscious and local consumption. That way we can all reduce our gigantic footprint.
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