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I'm Lynn and I haven't brushed my hair since November 17, 2017.I've been washing my hair for years with good shampoo from barber shops and take vitamins occasionally since I have very fine hair and it doesn't grow fast either. Still, I don't really have any problems. As a woman it's normal to want what you don't have, right?

I have fairly straight hair that falls flat quickly, but because of some weather I have a wave in it here and there. I keep brushing it out, so the ends of my hair are dry and break up quickly. To get volume (and because I'm a fidgeter) I constantly have my hands in my hair which makes it greasy on top. So ideally I want my hair to be thicker, have instant volume, not get greasy so fast and be healthy all the way to the ends. This is also exactly what
I said to Rinata when she asked me what I wanted.

Don't get me wrong, Rinata is my friend but apart from that I believe in what she does. Still, I didn't know if she would be able to help me with this, since I didn't really have a problem, but more of a luxury problem. I already know from the professional shampoos that they don't lather as much as the commercial ones, and this natural shampoo is even less so. So don't let that put you off.

It is also best not to dry your hair and let it get used to the shampoo. Something I wasn't used to so I tried it on a day I wasn't going to go outside. I was actually pleasantly surprised from the first moment: the shampoo smells great, my hair is not stiff and it fell quite nicely without brushing.

I still wash my hair every two days, sometimes every day. But the shampoo is less harmful. I alternate between a Detox Repair shampoo and a Deep Feed Volume shampoo, with or without a conditioner and I really notice the difference. Surprisingly, I don't use much shampoo either. In short, I am very satisfied and will become a customer as well as a friend.


Lynne Heeze

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