Seen in De Sabato: Mama's moons

The secret of Rinata's - one of the business owners of L'ARIN - long, blonde hair? The herbal and plant mixes from mama Gulnara. And that is exactly what you will find in our products. Small glass bottles full of super power.

Knowledge gained in the Kazakh highlands

The knowledge behind L'ARIN products? It was acquired in the Kazakh highlands, where the family originated. Gulnara's grandfather was an herbalist and a walking encyclopaedia of herbs. Mother and daughter have translated this knowledge into the L'ARIN range. The basis? 100% natural hair care. The guarantee? Radiant hair, without hours of washing and styling. This is also the biggest advantage for customers.

The ingredients are no mystery

L'ARIN contains a lot of herbal ingredients and that is far from being a mystery: they are simply listed on the packaging. They all consist of herbs and plants which grow in and around Belgium. So the ecological footprint is also well taken care of. The ingredients are one thing, but the knowledge of mama Gulnara, professor of industrial production, is certainly another. She is well versed in chemistry and got the production process in order in no time.

Everything in your own hands

Did L'ARIN fall out of the sky? No, it took about 8 years of research. In the end, it was a crowdfunding campaign that gave the decisive push and launched the company. While Gulnara takes care of its own test labs and the production units in Antwerp and Laarne, Rinata rules all the rest. A golden combination, which is complemented with qualitative consultants. It is only logical that L'ARIN has the wind in its sails.

Growing without losing focus

The products are available in our own webshop, but first contacts with physical stores have been made. The overall picture has to be right then. Additional recipes should put L'ARIN even more on the map. In addition to hair care, there is now hand gel, body scrub and alcohol gel on the market. But it doesn't stop there, L'ARIN will soon have more in store for the skin as well. After all, hair care mainly affects the scalp, so the two are perfectly in sync.

Making the production process sexy

Perhaps the most remarkable fact about using L'ARIN shampoos? There is none. Which is logical, because foam has no use at all. The ultimate dream of the ladies behind the label? To make the production sexy. A glass room, where everyone can come and see how everything is made, great right? But be careful, because the competition is watching!

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