Hollywood hair in no time!

Beautiful smooth hair? Then you probably immediately think of the straightener. It's an option, but often not the best thing for your hair. Excessive use is best avoided. The good news? There is an alternative to achieve a festive hairstyle or the ultimate Hollywood lookin no time .

Hair gets funny sometimes

Sometimes it can be just that little bit more, can't it? A festive hairdo with some extra glamour and magic. Nothing wrong with being in the spotlight once in a while, right? But then there you are in the bathroom, unable to get your hair done and the clock ticking. That last minute decision to go for a glamorous hairdo might not have been so wise after all ... A hot air brush didn't do the trick and you never got those voluptuous locks. Worse, your hair was completely stuck. A pair of scissors appeared to be the only solution to untie those knots. You were embarrassed all evening and had to duck for every photo. Your beautiful hair turned into a drama. Recognizable?

Why not get started with the straightener?

Couldn't those trusty straighteners have provided the solution and prevented a whole lot of mischief? Tgoh, we suggest you kick the iron to the curb. In the long run, excessive heat is harmful to your hair anyway. Does that mean you should never use a straightener? Well, consider it a 'cheat meal'. Once in a while can not hurt, but do not stuff you with it.

how often do you use straightener
Do not overdo it with the use of the straightener

Tackle the problem at its source

Suffering from unruly and/or frizzy hair that can't be smoothed out? Static hair means only one thing - your hair needs nourishment and hydration. And while it may be tempting to reach for the straightening iron, you won't solve your problem. That is why we at L'ARIN recommend that you go back to the source: healthy hair. Get to the root of the problem, make sure your hair is well nourished and healthy, and if you need to use a straightener once in a while, feel free to do so!

The essential treat-me serum!

With the essential treat-me serum from L'ARIN you already have a healthy basis. No, it won't prevent excessive heat from the straightener, but it will provide more nutrition and faster recovery. There are products out there that claim to prevent heat exposure, but that's often just a layer of silicone on top of the hair. Something we already have a bad feeling about. Why? Well, we touched on that topic in a previous blog post.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about styling your hair in combination with our products? Give us a call and we will gladly look into it with you. That way we can prevent damage and keep your hair in optimal condition.

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