Silicone Yay or Nay?


Surely you have heard of silicones in hair care. But what exactly are they and what effect do they have on the hair?

Silicones are synthetic substances that can be compared to liquid plastic. They exist in many different forms, but to save you the difficult details, we stick to water soluble and non water soluble. Especially the latter are used in shampoos you can find at the chemist's.

Why are silicones added to hair products? Mainly to protect the hair from heat, make it smoother and easier to comb. They also soften the effect of the aggressive substance SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which irritates the scalp.

Isn't it great, all those features? Yes and no... Although silicones do help, they are harmful to hair and the environment. This is especially the case for the non-water soluble varieties that are found in most hair products. Silicones wrap your hair in a kind of protective layer. After each use, a layer is added each time and so it continues. This is what we call build-up. Hair becomes heavy and ends get a crunchy effect.

The silicones give a false shine and cover up the fact that your hair is actually damaged. It looks like your hair is healthy and it feels soft. But actually, your hair is dehydrated and carries residues of chemicals. In addition, silicones are harmful to the environment because they have the same properties as plastic and therefore do not biodegrade easily.

L'ARIN hair care gives your hair a natural shine! Your hair will receive a rich and deep nutrition which will make it shine naturally. Our products are free from chemical additives such as silicones, so there is already no apparent shine. Your hair will thanks to beneficial plants and herbs, health and strength radiate!

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