Is Hollywood hair without too much effort also on your wish list?

Of course you want your hair to be wonderfully bouncy, supple and healthy, but how do you go about that? With the right hair care products and some discipline, of course! Everyone's hair is different, but as specialists in hair care we can give you a few general guidelines.

In 4 steps to healthy hair

Healthy hair that looks great is also achievable for you. A hair mask or a natural caring shampoo work wonders. But also with a quality shampoo and trendy styling without too much use of a straightener, you come a long way. Routine hair care works, especially in combo with quality products. Easy, right?

Kick off with a hair mask

Start by applying a hair mask regularly. Such a mask softens, strengthens and makes your hair shine. The active ingredients penetrate into the hair root and make all the difference. In principle, applying a mask twice a week is enough to get your hair in top condition. A good hair mask does not irritate and can be left on for about 5 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and your hair is ready to be used again.

A natural conditioning shampoo

Washing your hair every day? It depends! A good, natural shampoo like L'ARIN's is perfect. If you use another, often aggressive shampoo, your hair may look dull and dry. So avoid that. A quality shampoo nourishes the skin and gives your hair strength. Not only does it give your hair more lustre, it also splits less and you immediately feel the additional elasticity.

A conditioner completes the routine

The finishing touch? That's what conditioner does. With a conditioner you give your hair a boost and unlike shampoo, you can use a natural conditioner every day. The nutrients ensure that your hair is less prone to breaking and that the colour of your hair becomes more intense. You can be sure that it's not just you who will notice this and that many compliments about your hair will follow.

More is not needed

Who ever said that healthy hair with radiance is an impossible task? You too can easily maintain this routine. At L'ARIN, we have all the natural hair products in house to give you a helping hand. All of them ecological, organic and efficient. Be sure to take a look at the site or sign up for an online consultation. We will be happy to tell you more about how you can put your hair routine into practice and boost it with L'ARIN products.

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